total number of digitized volumes: 5272
total number of pages digitized two million
  • We have digitized two million pages in 5272 volumes under the Digital Parliamentary Database (DPD) project.
  • Holdings digitized earlier are now also available on our website, which adds up to nearly three million pages of digitized content.
  • The digitized holdings are presented in compliance with the relevant copyright rules.
  • We have digitized important documents of literature on public administration, history, and Hungary’s policies affecting Hungarian communities abroad, and the National Assembly, and outstanding works of noted authors. Our focus was mostly on works of the 1867-1945 period due, among other things, to copyright constraints.
  • A considerable part of legal periodicals published before 1945 have been digitized.
  • The digitized holdings of past sources of law (gazettes and law reports) have been considerable increased.
  • The biggest series of law reports have been digitized.
  • From among official gazettes, we digitized the most important ministerial gazettes (home affairs, justice, foreign affairs, agriculture, education and culture).
  • The DigiTool collection management software has been employed to present the digitized holdings.


  • You can browse among the collections, which are arranged in hierarchical structures.
  • There are subcollections beneath the collections.
  • The major collection headings are sources of law, books and periodicals.
  • For each collection there is a default view . You can change that in the actual view drop-down menu in the left-hand side of the monitor.


  • The DigiTool software allows simple and advanced search, and you can further fine-tune your search.
  • Conventional search can be employed for the author, title, publisher and year of publication of books and articles.
  • Subject headings help you refine your search in the texts of books and articles.
  • Full-text search is available for all the digitized holdings.
  • Expressions searched are highlighted.


  • Search results can be viewed in various lists of hits. They can be rearranged according to author, title, date and type of document.
  •  The tables of contents of books have been transcribed and the main chapters of books are available in PDF files.
  • You can page through digitized books in a similar manner to printed books.
  • Access: copyrighted works may be viewed for research and education purposes on computers of our library.
  • Works in the public domain are made freely accessible. Options:
Saving: you can download pages or the entire text.
Printing: you can print pages or the entire text.

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