What did we digitize?

The detailed presentation of the digitized holdings can be found under Collections. Below we summarize the selection criteria and the characteristics of previously digitized holdings.


General principles
A decisively important element in the project was the selection of works for digitization. Prior to digitization, we developed the general principles that determined the groups of works with regard to area of science, document type, language, time, etc. The lists belonging to different areas of science were compiled by specialized working groups.

 We selected basic works from the Parliamentary Library’s main fields of collection, i.e. law, history, and political science.

 The selected works are in Hungarian.

 Since it was our important aim to provide wide-ranging Internet access to digitized works, we strived to ensure that the majority of these works no longer fell under copyright protection. Accordingly, we mainly selected works that were published between 1851 and 1945, and included a smaller number of titles of specialized literature published after 1945.

 We digitized every volume from cover to cover.

Document groups 

  • Sources of law: Sectoral gazettes, legal precedents, law reports.
  • Books: Comprehensive works, basic reference books, monographs, encyclopaedias, data repositories, directories.
  • Periodicals: Legal journals published mainly before 1945.
  • Parliamentary records: Previously digitized stock.


The Parliamentary Library has been engaged in the systematic digitization of the library holdings since 2001. The digitization of the highly protected sections of the library holdings started with the processing of the parliamentary resource document.

The following records were processed:
  • official Hungarian printed parliamentary records (diaries and papers) published between 1860 and 1990,
  • parliamentary almanacs published between 1884 and 1949,
  • Standing Orders relating to the period between 1848 and 1990,
  • national budgets relating to the period between 1868 and 1949,
  • the Repository of Decrees in Hungary that contains the decrees issued between 1867 and 1948.
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