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Parliamentary almanacs 1884-1949

The parliamentary almanacs carry brief biographies of both Houses of Parliament. The first one was issued in 1886 and edited by Dr Sándor Halász. A review on the front page of the 3 February 1887 copy of the literary daily Fővárosi Lapok said: "This volume carries little-known and intriguing information about dignitaries, whom one usually only sees from a distance during festive occasions. Reading it helps us understand and evaluate their personality."

The almanacs were published at the beginning of parliamentary terms, that is, upon the election of members of the Lower House and the appointment of members of the Upper House. MPs that entered the Parliament in midterm could not be included. The last such almanac before the Second World War was issued in 1940; thereafter a gap of fifty years followed. Almanacs were relaunched at the first freely elected National Assembly (1990–94) and since then they are usually published toward the end of the parliamentary terms. A new genre, the so-called historical almanac was started in 1993. The first one covers the Provisional National Assembly (21 December 1944–16 December 1945), the second one the National Assembly of 1945–47 and the third one the National Assembly of 1947–49. The historical almanacs tend to offer biographies that cover complete careers. Nowadays you can read the biographies of all MPs elected since 1990 on the website of the National Assembly.

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