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Law books

In Hungary the interwar period was a golden era for legal and political science literature as far as legal language and argumentation were concerned. That is why works conceived in that period have been amply digitized. Works by Ödön Kuncz, Béni Grosschmid Béni (pen name: Benő Zsögöd), Győző Concha, Zoltán Magyary, István Ereky, Gyula Moór, Barna Horváth, Móric Tomcsányi, Albert Irk and others are cornerstones of Hungarian legal culture and argumentation. We consider it as our duty to make them widely accessible. The digitized stock also includes legal and political science monographs from the post-1945 era, mainly in civil law and criminal law.

Click here for descriptions of law books and here if you wish to browse among relevant digitized books.

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