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Author biographies

Works by scholars of law and social science and politicians – all of them noted in their fields – can be found in the Digitized Parliamentary Database. See in Hungarian language biographies of authors of major works that were published in the 19th and 20th centuries. Those books of selected authors have been digitized that are part of our library’s stock. Articles and essays by the same authors can also be found in digitized periodicals. The biographies focus on milestones in the lives of authors and their fields of research. At the end of the biographies see a list of books either digitized under this project or not digitized yet but to be found in this library.

It is always indicated at a book’s title whether it has already been digitized and whether it is freely available on the Internet or, being under copyright protection, can only be read on users’ computers in our library. Links of books listed at the end of biographies take you to the digitized books.

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