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Collection of laws

Corpus Juris Hungarici

In the Hungarian legal system the highest ranking sources of law are the laws, and as Hungary’s form of state changed throughout the centuries various bodies were empowered to adopt them. On several instances laws were collected and an outstanding example was Corpus Juris Hungarici, published for the millennium of statehood at the end of the 19th century. It comprises all Hungarian laws from those issued by King Saint Stephen I to the end of 1898, all the laws of Transylvania between 1540 and 1848 and the Tripartitum by István Werbőczy. An electronic version was issued in 1999, which covered laws down to 1945.

The DPD portal includes a link to the Corpus Juris Hungarici site. From there the laws passed since 1945 can be accessed in their original version (as promulgated in a gazette). Click here for a major study on the history of Corpus Juris Hungarici only in Hungarian.

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