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Collection of decrees

Collection of Decrees of Hungary

The Collection of Decrees of Hungary was an official collection of royal and government decrees between 1867 and 1945. From that period it contains a selection of decrees by kings, (and by the regent), by prime ministers, governments (meaning all the ministries or all the ministers), ministerial decrees and other provisions uncovered by statutes (for instance, written notes, requests, circular letters, announcements and royal letters of invitation). The decrees were not promulgated in this collection; they were arranged into volumes subsequently.

Thanks to an earlier stage of digitization, a link on the DPD portal takes you to the Collection of Decrees of Hungary, where a selection of decrees issued in 1867–1945 can be read in an edited form. Click here for a major study about the history of the Collection of Decrees of Hungary in Hungarian language.

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