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Further information on digitized law reports

The database also consists of regularly published works that covered individual branches of law or specializations. They are monographs and law reports under the same cover. The series, entitled "Magyar törvények Grill-féle kiadása" (Hungarian Laws as Published by Grill) is a noteworthy example. Selected volumes of that series have been digitized.

We could not aspire to be exhaustive concerning law reports published after 1949. Only those series and individual volumes could be included in the DPD that the library received free of charge pursuant to earlier cooperation agreements from HVG-ORAC and CompLex (previously called: KJK Kerszöv) publishing houses. As for the law reports obtained from CompLex Publisher, the basis for selection was a list of documents that was compiled by our staff members bearing in mind works that this library had in physical form and were considered as important. The criterion for selection was that both comprehensive law reports and those only covering individual branches of law should be included.

Rare and precious works, considered as protected, written in Latin and published before 1848, have not been included in the DPD yet but in later stages of digitization they will also be covered.

As the bulk of the law reports digitized come from before 1949, the descriptive essays related to them explore the relevant literature and statutes for that period.

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