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The Digitized Parliamentary Database covers 73 eminent periodicals of law and political sciences (including multiple versions of titles, and supplements). A considerable part of the periodicals come from the 19–20th centuries, which were published continuously over decades. The bibliographical data of those periodicals have been analytically explored, which means you can search them by author, title and subject heading. A total of 20000 copies of periodicals carrying 90000 articles have been digitized. Only those copies have been digitized that can be found in our stock, which means that occasionally certain copies or even certain volumes might be missing. We plan to make up for such gaps. On our site we provide information on the periodicals that you can find our library, on major gaps in the collection, the frequencies of publication, the supplements, and noteworthy facts about the history of individual periodicals. A considerable part of the articles in the periodicals are copyright protected, which means they may only be read on computers that are in our library.